Profit Point Autonomy Review! An App that Make $500 Per Day

Profit Point Autonomy is a program that promise to help you make $500 per day with a few clicks on an app. I wonder if there is such a convenient system which can generate money that easily. Thus, I have spent time to research about this PPA. In this review,  you will read everything about PPA and hopefully it can help you to decide if it is suitable for you.
This review consists of information like:
  • What is Profit Point Autonomy?
  • How Does Profit Point Autonomy Work?
  • What Do I like about Profit Point Autonomy?
  • What Don’t I like about Profit Point Autonomy?
  • Is Profit Point Autonomy A Scam?
Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.
It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!
I am not associated with Profit Point Autonomy in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Profit Point Autonomy Review Summary

Product Name: Profit Point Autonomy
Author: Unknown
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Price: $47 One time
Rating: 3/10

What is Profit Point Autonomy?

Profit Point Autonomy(PPA) is a system that claims to make you money with a push button system.
The author promised to help you make $500 per day with a “done for you” money making website. Essentially, he is referring to affiliate marketing which is a legit business model that has a high earning potential.
But it is not as easy as pressing a few buttons and install a “done for you” system. In order to make money online, it takes a lot of time and effort.
The spokesperson in PPA’s promotional video makes it sound like very easy and I think is all marketing strategy that’s used to hype up the program.
The official website is registered under the domain “ ”. Now, let’s check when was the website launched.
According to WHOIS, it was created on 2019 July which is just a week ago (as of writing).
Now, let’s get into how exactly can you make money with PPA.

How Does Profit Point Autonomy Work?

PPA is an app that will help you to build a website that’s going to make $500 per day. At least that’s what the founder of PPA claimed.
Is it really that easy to make $500/day?
In my opinion, it is absolutely not easy to make money online. It takes a lot of time and hard work to build an online business. So that you can earn passive/semi-passive income later in the future.
The website that PPA builds for you is really an affiliate website where you can insert an affiliate link and make affiliate commission from it.
There is nothing special about the strategy they use in PPA. Instead it is very unlikely that it will work with PPA because automated website is hard to rank on search engine.
In order to get traffic, you need to rank high on Google or Bing or Yahoo. The key to rank high is to generate quality content which will benefit the readers.
Clearly an automated content is not going to impress anybody and that’s why it is hard to rank high on Google.

What Do I like about Profit Point Autonomy?

1. Return Policy

There are claims online saying that you can ask for a refund if you are unhappy about the purchase within 30 days of purchase.
However, I am not 100% sure about this policy. Thus, I would recommend you check with them by contacting them through email or phone.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The business model that PPA advertises is definitely profitable. In fact, many people have had huge success with affiliate marketing.
It allows you to make unlimited potential profit with a minimal risk. Because all you need to start affiliate marketing is a platform to promote the affiliate products.
The platform can be a YouTube channel, an Instagram account or a website.

What Don’t I like about Profit Point Autonomy?

1. Learn Nothing

With PPA, you will only get a “done for you” system. You don’t get to learn anything. Besides you will count on them to make money.
What if they shut down one day? You will lose the only income stream. Thus, it is far more important to learn how to do affiliate marketing by yourself.
The best way to learn is to actually do it yourself. For example, you must learn how to build a website, choose a niche, write content and get traffic.
Sadly, PPA teaches none of these important skills.

2. Automated Content

As I mentioned earlier, search engine hates the auto-generated content. That will make your website really hard to rank.
No rank equals to no visitor and therefore no money. It is really hard to cheat Google algorithm and especially with the modern technology like machine learning.
The best way is to actually put in the hard work writing good content.

3. Hidden Founder

After spending a good amount of time researching PPA, I still can’t find any information about the founder. They seem to hide this away from the public.
I wonder why would a company reveal its founder if it is a legit company.
I have reviewed a lot of online programs up to this point. This is generally the signal for a scammy company.

Is Profit Point Autonomy A Scam?

It’s hard to truly judge that if PPA is a scam because it did have a tool to help you build websites.
But the problem is they overhyped it too much to make it look like it is super easy to make money online.
It is definitely not true especially with PPA’s method. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join PPA.
It is just like another ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme judging by how they claim to help you make $500/day with a done for you system.

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