Microsoft Has Begun To Block Non-Microsoft Web Browsers

Microsoft Started Blocking Non-Microsoft Web Browsers

The present browser war is regularly and increasingly getting fierce, several recent cases of services that crash browsers in the competition are known. Tech giant Microsoft seems to have now found a new way to control the web browsers that run on Windows Operating System. Hence, Microsoft blocking them whenever they are in accounts covered by the Microsoft Family service filters.

Since Edge came with Windows 10 that Microsoft seeks to make it the default for users, thereby eliminating the competition and gaining market share. The success of this measure has been down and the Edge continues to use very low values.
But Microsoft is now focusing on a new play, in which it wants to blocks its competitors’ browsers, thus ensuring that the Edge and Internet Explorer are the only alternatives. In the accounts that are in the Microsoft Family service, Microsoft is applying these rules, as it can be read on the information provided.
Many of the commonly used browsers have Web filtering. To keep smaller safer, these browsers will be automatically blocked on the devices. You can always choose to allow the lowest use other browsers.
The lack of content filters is the reason given for these locks, but Microsoft does not mention specifically which browsers that are preventing it from being used. As it is known that Edge and Internet Explorer are the only Microsoft’s browser that can be used now.
Despite these locks browsers and other applications can be allowed to be used by simply users need to add to the list of allowed applications, but this is a step that not everyone can do.
It is not known exactly when this change was applied, but it is speculated that it has come with the Anniversary Update, released at the beginning of August 2016.
Microsoft assumes that this major step to protect younger users and children will give them a web filtering, but what actually Microsoft is doing, yes, ultimately Microsoft indirectly want to remove all its competing browsers, so that its own web browsers Edge and Internet Explorer could make it there way as fluent as they can.