Swipe the power of tiktok & tinder to your business and EXPLODE leads, rankings, sales

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You know Coronavirus should not stop you from growing your business online. Look at what i have for you below;

Did you know that your website and business is NOT fully mobile compatible, no matter

How many plugins you install or if you use the best page builder, you are still neglecting all of your mobile traffic because you don’t offer ONE simple thing:


You see, by this time in 2020, every smartphone user is used to swipe to engage with content.

Think TikTok, think Tinder, these two platforms, especially tinder, have destroyed the competition thanks to swiping.

And it’s PROVEN that swiping is addictive, relaxing and intuitive.

But up until now, there are no way to make swiping available

To any business, you’d have to develop a mobile app for that,

And it’ll only work after you developed and launched your mobile app, and only if your users log into the app to engage with your brand.

That is a horrible, impractical limitation that kills your business, and as a result, your engagement, conversions, time spent on site, rankings, branding & sales suffer DRAMATICALLY.

Well allow me to Introduce the fix, SWYPIO, this brand new software creates game changing swipe cards you can put ANYWHERE that instantly swypify your business and explode your traffic, sales, engagement, conversions, time spent on site, rankings, ad revenue and many other benefits.

It bridges the gap between your business and the 3,500,000,000 mobile users that currently

Don’t find your business relevant or intuitive.

Swypio has JUST went live for a super low one time price,

Make sure you get it before the price Increases:


How you can Lock Specific Apps in Windows 10

While Windows 10 offers a built-in AppLocker service, it’s limited to Windows Enterprise and Education versions. If you are using any other Windows version, don’t you worry, as there are a different app locking software to help you out. So, here’s how you can lock apps on Windows 10:

Lock Apps on Windows 10 with My Lockbox

1. You can use the My Lockbox software to lock apps on Windows 10. So, firstly you will have to download and install the software on your PC.

2. When you first open My Lockbox, the software will ask you to set up a password that will be used to lock the apps on your PC. You can also add a password hint and an email id, that will help you recover passwords in case you forget.

My Lockbox start up

3. Then, you can choose the folder to protect and click “Ok”. Here, you can select the folder where the app or software you want to lock is installed. The Windows software are generally installed in C:/Program Files or Program Files (x86), so you can just head over and locate the software you want to lock. You can even select the Program Files folder to lock all the apps inside it.

My Lockbox choose files to protect

My LockBox select folder where app is installed

4. The folder and the software will then be locked. So, when you try and access the app from anywhere on Windows, you will get a message saying you don’t have appropriate permissions.

My Lockbox locked message

5. To unlock an app, you can head over to My Lockbox control panel and hit the “Unlock button”. You will need to enter the password to open the My Lockbox app, so not every one will be able to access it. Moreover, the software requires the password even when you are trying to uninstall it, which is pretty handy.

My Lockbox enter password

My Lockbox Control Panel

My Lockbox is available in a free version but sadly, it’s fairly limited, as you can only lock one folder. To get the ability to lock unlimited folders, you will have to buy the full version ($29.95). While My Lockbox works pretty well, you can try other cool app locker software too.


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This is the WORLD'S FIRST & ONLY MARKETPLACE BUILDER That Gets You More Clients, Higher Amount Projects, Builds Your Authority & Kills The Competition... Simple Effortless Setup!!


  • Your Own Professional Branded Marketplace

  • List Down & Offer All Your Services

  • 100% Cloud Based Platform

  • Super Easy Setup

  • No Previous Technical Knowledge Required

  • Become A “Go-To” Service Provider In Your Space

  • Works For Any Niche

  • Charge Higher Prices

The world’s first & only marketplace builder helps you scale your revenue by getting you more clients, bagging more service orders, getting more higher value projects, builds your authority as a service provider, kills the competition & helps you charge higher prices for your services.


Help Local Businesses Stay afloat by FIXING their ONLINE issues!

The whole world is going through
a rough phase. I hope things
get back to normalcy soon.

Are you are one of those wondering
how to utilize your time productively
while you cannot step out of your house?

You can be of help to Local Businesses
and BENEFIT at the same time!

Local Businesses are the most hit now.
Many Businesses are shutting down
without the right guidance.

Even in such a critical situation
there are ways to survive if the
local businesses improve on certain

There are a TON of things local
businesses can do ONLINE when the
OFFLINE world is shut!

But local businesses have no clue
how to make their online presence

You can come into the picture here and
offer to help in areas local businesses
are lacking.

But you need to know two things,
1. Which Businesses are Struggling?
2. What help do they need?

A new tool called SerpScout is launched today. Grab more details here!

With SerpScout you can find the Businesses
that can use your help, generate a
report and send follow up campaigns.

For you to do all this manually will
take months of effort. Grab more details here!

SerpScout is an easy system that can
get you started right away.

It is a crisis & businesses need an
Emergency Response plan.

Every Business is going to turn to
an Agency to fix their online stuff!

I want it to be YOU!

I have some REAL GOOD B0NUSES put
together that will ensure that you
convert the leads that you get
from SerpScout into REAL BUSINESS!
Grab more details here!

This incredible tool will help unleash the full power of your videos.

This incredible tool will help unleash the full power of your videos.
Envidio 2.0 - Youtuber things are PERFECT and COMPREHENSIVE video template tool perfectly designed for Youtube & all video content platforms.

With Envidio 2.0 - Youtuber things, you can make a video that is fast and easy. 
It's best for YouTubers, vloggers, digital advertisers, marketers, visual content creators, agencies and more!

The most comprehensive DFY video pack that enables you to obtain Fame & Beyond with just a few simple clicks!

I've included Premium bonus packages
containing dozens of useful video
and marketing resources here:


  • Well organized Youtuber video templates
  • Youtuber, bloggers, vloggers, Videographers, filmmakers, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter users can use this pack to create powerful videos like top YouTube artists.
  • Can be used template for Youtube, Instagram TV, Facebook, and other
  • Supported any resolution up to 4k
  • Simple controls let you quickly adjust text, image, font, & color.
  • Engage your audience into likes, share and subscribe to your video channel. 
  • Very easy to edit
  • Easy to understand video tutorials included.
  • Your personal library which makes your video channel unique
  • Easy color change.
  • Fully editable text layers.
  • User-friendly templates structure.
  • Essential Graphics Youtube package.
  • More than 200+ unique animated compositions.
  • Over 200+ Essential Graphics Youtube package with Sound FX
  • Simple and easy to comprehend the design.
  • Fast Render.
  • Sound Fx Included.
  • Fully Editable (shapes, icons, mockup).
  • Simple and easy to comprehend the design


Hey Its Harrell Howard reaching out to my buddies.

Have you ever wondered how other businesses and website owners are maintaining their top position on google search engine in their respective niche?
 Today i am going to introduce you to the machine they have been using. When I mean machine i mean the software. It is Simply SEnuke TNG Enterprise Version

SEnuke TNG Enterprise Version uses TODAYS Most Important Ranking Factors to Easily BLAST Your Websites to the TOP of Google…Automatically!


Crowd Searcher
Simulate thousands of people searching for your keyword on Google and clicking on your site. This shows Google that people actively want to find your site.

Built in Proxies
No need to pay for external proxies. SEnuke comes with over 100,000 proxies built in, to simulate real people from all over the world.

Blog Network Module
Seamlessly integrate your existing private blog network and manage it from within SEnuke.

Built In OCR
Our built in Optical Character Recognition technology solves about 50% of captchas automatically.

Loop Mode
Create a campaign once and it will run forever on it’s own building links to your site until you choose to stop it.

Super Fast Turbo Wizard
Set up complex SEO campaigns within 30 seconds even if you ‘re a complete newbie! No SEO knowledge necessary!

Powerful Scheduler
Set it up once and take a trip to Hawaii and it’s gonna do everything on it’s own! If it ever crashes, it will auto-resume.

Step-by-Step Wizard
Want more control than the 30 second turbo wizard provides? Our 15 minute step-by-step wizard gets everything just right.

Easy to Use Interface
Unlike other competitors, we strive to make the software extremely easy to understand and use.

Doing Local SEO
The new Google Places module helps you build citations for your business to get you first page rankings on Google Local!

Powerful Macro Recorder
Automate getting a link from any website on the Internet without having to write a single line of code!

Promotion Strategy Mapper
Create diagrams to show SEnuke exactly how you’d like your link building to work. Or pick from one of the provided strategies!

Since 2008 SEnuke has been the number one software choice of SEO and SEM professionals the world over.

Throughout the years and despite countless Google algorithm changes; it still remains the most effective software available today to help you in DOMINATING the search engines!

For serious Nukers’ and most SEO professionals, SEnuke’s standard 3-install license has always been a real money saving solution.



PS: If you buy this program after testing via the links I placed on this blog please send me a message via admin@softtechhubus. I will send you some mareting tools for free as a sign of appeciation. 

SEnuke TNG Enterprise Version

How A Broke Teenager Can Become Rich Using This Astonishing Video Creation Secrets

Want the ONE SKILL every business owner needs to comfortably charge top dollar prices, and KNOW you’ll make sales?

Discover The Astonishing Video Creation Secrets That Turned A Flat Broke Teenager Into The Founder Of A $30,000,000 Business

You don’t need me to tell you how important video is. It’s EVERYTHING.
The better your videos look, the better you look. The more people trust your content. The more people are swayed by your sales videos. The more people follow you on social media.
How do I know? Because I’ve built a $30,000,000 business on making truly incredible video.
Barely anyone has this skill. Which is why it’s the most valuable skill you can have.
And right here, right now, I’m going to show you how it’s done.


Here’s what your customers are going to get;


80+ Videos, Zero Fluff

Fade To Black covers the complete cycle of video creation with no stone left unturned. Joey reveals his exact step by step process to creating some of the most profitable video content seen in the IM space, including in-depth analysis of the video content that has generated over $20m in sales!
Everything is covered in over 80 incredible videos packed with gems in every single frame... this is a fluff-free product.

The Million Dollar Script Formula

After $20m in sales we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a viewers head tick. Your video is completely irrelevant if your script doesn’t turn your viewers into buyers.
Fade To Black will teach your customers the proven, repeatable method of creating highly persuasive video scripts. These are the secrets Joey has used to generate 6 figures in affiliate promotions, as well as multi-millions in sales of the Viddyoze platform.

A Video Production School In A Box

Fade To Black teaches the fundamentals of creating content that excites, persuades and engages viewers. To do that, your customers will need the in-depth knowledge required to creating professional level video content.
Joey breaks this down in a remarkable, simple to master format (no prior experience needed). Once learned, students will be able to apply this knowledge to any video they ever create, ensuring the best most profitable result for every frame of video they shoot.

Every Angle, Setting & Concept Explained

Fade To Black teaches the real word use cases of your video equipment. Have you used a camera and never really known what every feature does? Wondering how to get the most of the gear you’ve invested in? Look no further.
Students will leave the course feeling completely competent, being able to grab any camera and shoot high quality content! Not because they’re using a great camera, but because they know how to make the most out of any camera.

Lights, Camera, Audio, Everything

Fade To Black covers the entire workflow to creating exceptional video content on camera. From choosing locations, framing shots, getting professional audio, lighting, storyboarding and so much more... Joey covers literally everything you will ever need.
This truly is an A-Z Bible of video creation. The best part? The course is accessible at any time from anywhere, even on a shoot. So if you’re ever lost and need some input, just jump back to the members area and get what you need.

No Camera? No Problem

Not everyone wants to be on camera, and that’s fine. Joey has created an extensive section of the course specifically for students who want to create video content without ever having to get on camera... In fact, Joey even explains how to create videos without even recording your voice!
Just because you’re not on camera, doesn’t mean anything. These videos will still pack just as much punch! Everything is revealed in Fade To Black.

Become A Master Editor, Overnight (Yep)

Anybody that understands video will tell you, "it’s all about the edit"...
They’re right. Problem is, learning to become a good editor takes time, until now. In what is probably the most powerful, valuable part of this course, Joey reveals the exact steps and secrets to not only editing quickly & effectively, but in a way that makes your video content incredibly engaging and interesting...
These are genuine insider secrets that Joey has never revealed to anyone before now.

Musicality & Psychology

One of the most undervalued and unrecognised proponents of a highly successful video, is music. Joey often spends hours just choosing the right audio track for his videos, and for one very good reason...
Music is everything. It drives your video, it makes your viewers feel emotion and will subconsciously affect them in ways you’d never imagine.
Here’s a hint... the right music = money in your pocket.

$20m+ Sales Videos, Fully Deconstructed

On top of all the incredible training content provided in Fade To Black, Joey Xoto takes you inside real video projects in his editor, and explains the methodology behind the videos.
Want to see how the Viddyoze sales videos ($20m in sales) have been created, scene by scene? You can. Want to discover the thought process behind cutting the Klippyo sales video ($900k in sales) frame by frame? Now you can.
On top of that, Joey reveals the technique behind creating high-impact teaser trailers, showreel videos and even some generic video projects. Everything is covered, and more.

Get High Converting Targeted Emails Of Any Niche Today For Internet Marketing

Hi Friend.

I am here to let you know that i know the pain you are passing through when you are trying to market your products to the right people and when you are looking for ways to get the active email addresses of your prospective clients but you do not know how to go about it.

Today I introduce to you Serp DiggerRead below to see what SerpDigger can do for your internet Marketing;

Serp Digger Review – Overview

 Vendor: Yossi Bezalel
 Product: Serp Digger
 Launch Date: 2017-Jan-04
 Launch Time: 11:00 EST
 Front-End Price: $66
 Offical Website:Click here
 Bonus: Yes, Huge bonus wait you at here
 Refund:  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
 Niche: General
 Recommend: Yes. 100%

Serp Digger Review – Key Features

1. Ease of Use

With just a few clicks you can instantly generate a hyper targeted Emails

2. Handcrafted by experts !

Serp Digger was built by professionals with more than ten years of software Dev. .

3. Optimized for Efficiency

Serp Digger contains the fastest process mining Algo, and the most efficient search framework.

4. Must have tool

The Must have tool for any Internet Marketer & Advertiser

5. one-time payment

There are no upsells, no backend one-time-offers and no recurring payments. This a one-time payment for lifetime access.

6. Excellent Support

Have questions? You can reach out to our friendly support staff any time, any day for assistance.

What will you get inside Serp Digger?

  • The World’s First Elastic Scraper giving you verified unique targeted emails that converts!
  • Search Emails by Complex Phrases
  • No proxy required!
  • Batch Mode + Hyper-threading technology
  • Search for email addresses on Almost Any Website!
  • Creating a Real & High Profitable Email Lists! Directly From LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Pinterest and More …!
  • Multi license – You can install on up to 3 computers!
  • For Windows, Mac, Chromebook & Linux
  • Newbie & Pro Friendly Environment
  • Optimized for speed and Accuracy. SerpDigger contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient emails search engine framework In The Market . On top of that, you get an obsessively streamlined user experience allowing you to move fast. Because what counts is performance from start to finish.
  • The Must have tool for any Facebook Marketers & Advertisers
  • Developers of SerpDigger constantly update Serp Digger to ensure you generate only accurate Emais lists with the latest up to date data available.
  • The goal of the creators of SerpDigger is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied The developer will be at your service and please let the developer know by: Emailing a request to support@serpdigger.com

How Does It Work?

To see how SerpDigger Work see this DEMO VIDEO

Why Should You Buy It?

Serp Digger Minimize Risk Of Failure By Providing High Converting & Targeted Emails Set For Each Internet Marketing Campaign Of Yours!

Save Time & Frustration

Stop wasting your time and nerves. Find valid emails who are converting.

One stop shop Emails Solution

No need to “learn” from various courses on How to Find profitable emails or spend countless hours searching google trying to figure out things

Save Money On Adv Cost

Target your Email campaigns more precisely! Discover the Most Profitable Emails on your Niche!
Get Effective Results in Minutes with No Learning Curve or Skills…Just Click and GO!

Serp Digger is currently the most powerful tool to empower you to succeed in Email marketing.

Talk To You Soon,
Harrell Howard.

PS: If you buy SerpDigger via my link please send me a mail via admin@softtechhub.us let me send you some bonuses. Please indicate your PAY KEY along with the mail. thanks

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